Adium behind firewall

At work the company firewall blocked the ports used by Adium to connect to the different IM services. One google later I was one happy user, information on where to find the screens to edit the preferences and which checkboxes to use can be found here.

Windows update yet again

So this was going a bit too easy. After installing a fresh copy of Windows XP, including SP2. I went to the update site which prompted me to install SP3, which I did. No problems so far, yet after the new service pack being deployed to the system windows update refused to install any further updates. It found, listed and downloaded them fine but every installation failed. Long story short, if you’re in this situation open up a command prompt. Click start, run, type in cmd and then click ok. In the command prompt type in regsvr32 %windir%system32wups2.dll and hit enter, this registers that dll. Go to the windows update site now, and you’ll have no problems.

If you have xp 64 the dll is located here: %windir%syswow64wups2.dll.

This was after I tried my earlier solution which you can find here.

Where does Outlook Express store email and contacts

At least three months have past since I had to rescue a PC in the family, a new record. One thing I keep forgetting is where, under Windows XP, Outlook Express stores its data. So I’m writing it down here for further reference.

Email messages can be found here: C:Documents and Settings(user name)Local SettingsApplication DataIdentities (under a sub folder there called Outlook Express). The files have a *.dbx extension.

The contact list can be found here: C:Documents and Settings(user name)Application DataMicrosoftAddress Book. The file has a *.wab extension, and it appears it’s prefixed with the user name.

Updated to BlogEngine 1.4

Yesterday a new version of BlogEngine was released, grab it here. For instructions on how to upgrade you should visit this site and since I’m not running under the default settings there was some extra work to do.

My host still runs MS SQL 2000 and the default BE script is for MS SQL 2005. I’ve edited both the upgrade and full install script so they run on the older version, you can download them here.

MSSQL 2000 Setup1.4.0.0.sql (22.15 kb)

MSSQL 2000 Upgrade1.4.0.0.sql (7.18 kb)

Also if you are running SQL Membership and SQL Role Provider don’t forget to change the default provider in your web.config to SQLMembershipProvider and SQLRoleProvider respectively, you should also change the applicationName in these providers to BlogEngine.NET. For some reason the developers changed this, which will lead to problems.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the new name BlogEngine instead of the old BlogEngine.NET you should edit the row in the aspnet_Applications table where the application name is BlogEngine.NET. Change the value of the ApplicationName to BlogEngine and the LoweredApplicationName to blogengine.

Breakpoints not being hit in Xcode

It appears that when you do a default install of Xcode debug symbols are loaded lazily, so when you want to debug your code your breakpoints are not being hit. This is rather frustrating if you don’t know about this option, you can disable it in the debugging tab under preferences of Xcode. I wanted to say this earlier, since I ran into this while going through chapter 2 of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X , but it slipped my mind.

Xcode Preferences Debugging screenshot

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Ch 17-18)

Euro 2008 and the challenge application on the end of chapter 18 have slowed me down, so only some notes about these two chapters this time.

Chapter 17, Custom Views.

This chapter deals about manipulating views (forms) manually. You can compare it with the .net System.Drawing namespace and subclassing the Control class to create your own controls. It also explains the alignment and docking of controls. Pretty basic stuff.

Chapter 18, Images and Mouse Events.

With the new knowledge on how to draw on views we now will allow the user to interact with the form and allow him to draw figures. This is done by handling mouse events. Also the file open dialog is introduced, but it’s called a NSOpenPanel here, to add images on the view.

The challenge application invites the reader to further customize the application, which draws rectangles when you complete the chapter, to draw ovals, adding undo redo capabilities and implementing archiving.

Most of the time I spend finding out how to hook up the document window to the custom view which handled the drawing of the ovals, as always key-value coding saved the day. You should also watch out that when a document is unarchived this is done before UI controls, I mean views :), are created. So don’t start assigning your saved ovals to a view that does not exist yet, like I did. It’ll save you time.

As always, you can get the book here .

ImageFun – Chapter (44.46 kb)

ImageFun – Chapter (46.78 kb)

TheOvalApp – Chapter 18 (65.73 kb)

WWDC 2008 Keynote Aftermath

In the wake of Steve’s keynote, there’s one feature which I definitely like. MobileMe.

MobileMe is .Mac upgraded to the needs of your current digital life. It allows you to synch wirelessly, meaning, without the need to dock your iPhone to your Mac, or PC, or any combination of those. Isn’t that great?

In the past I’ve run Exchange for a while on a machine at home, one of the benefits of being an IT student. But that was just overkill and not maintainable, since I also needed a domain controller for this to operate. I briefly investigated writing a synchronization program, but Outlook couldn’t not be accessed via remoting. There were commercial alternatives but none appealed to me.

That is before monday and the introduction of MobileMe, for more information visit the official site.

Was the keynote only about this new product? No. The iPhone 3G was officially announced and this time it’ll be available in most parts of the world, including Belgium, yippee. But the distributor here, Mobistar, fails to give any specific launch date. For the rest, not much exciting news. Yes the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch was announced, yes there were demos of custom applications, no nothing we didn’t know already.

Spaghetti Western

Take one terrific director, one inspirational musician, an actor with the role of a lifetime and you get some of the strongest scenes in movie history.

Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone and Clint Eastwood. It just doesn’t get any better than this.