WWDC 2008 Keynote Aftermath

In the wake of Steve’s keynote, there’s one feature which I definitely like. MobileMe.

MobileMe is .Mac upgraded to the needs of your current digital life. It allows you to synch wirelessly, meaning, without the need to dock your iPhone to your Mac, or PC, or any combination of those. Isn’t that great?

In the past I’ve run Exchange for a while on a machine at home, one of the benefits of being an IT student. But that was just overkill and not maintainable, since I also needed a domain controller for this to operate. I briefly investigated writing a synchronization program, but Outlook couldn’t not be accessed via remoting. There were commercial alternatives but none appealed to me.

That is before monday and the introduction of MobileMe, for more information visit the official site.

Was the keynote only about this new product? No. The iPhone 3G was officially announced and this time it’ll be available in most parts of the world, including Belgium, yippee. But the distributor here, Mobistar, fails to give any specific launch date. For the rest, not much exciting news. Yes the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch was announced, yes there were demos of custom applications, no nothing we didn’t know already.

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