Update MVC4 project to MVC5 within Visual Studio

If you are using VS2012 and start a new ASP.NET MVC4 project, you will be greeted by an enormous list of packages which can be updated when clicking through to the NuGet package managers.



With the new release of Visual Studio 2013, MVC5, WebAPI2,… a lot of new binaries are ready to be used in your application. So updating the packages in Visual Studio should get you going. After clicking “yes” and “I agree” several times though, you will receive this error message:


If you now close the NuGet package manager and then open it again, only one package needs to be updated at the moment (ANTLRv3). So click update once more.

If you now start the application, instead of receiving a nice MVC start screen you will run into a yellow screen of death:



We are almost there. Navigate to the Web.config inside of the Views directory and change all references from MVC to and the Razor version from to I’ve included the changes in this gist.

You are now ready to go!

UPDATE: Ran into this MSDN article which shows you the steps I mentioned and more!

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