Reading PDF files on the iPhone

You can natively read PDF files with your iPhone yet one feature that is lacking is a go to page feature. This is not an issue when you have a file which is only 2-3 pages long, typical size of a file being send through mail. But when you want to get some serious reading done and have already read a couple of hundred pages in the book, having to skip through all of them when you want to continue where you left off becomes a serious issue fast.

There are a lot of options when you look for pdf or ebook reader in the App Store some are payware some are free. I was very reluctant to get one in the past, hoping that Apple, in its infinite wisdom, would add the feature to the standard PDF reader.

Yet as of this date it’s still not implemented.

A friend suggested I check out Aji Reader, it’s free at the moment and I’ve used it for several months. I’m quite happy with it. You can get content on your phone with a desktop application that syncs your pdf files.

With the iPad around the corner I’ll probably read less on the tiny iPhone screen and move to this new platform but this blog post has been in my todo list for far too long.