Windows update yet again

So this was going a bit too easy. After installing a fresh copy of Windows XP, including SP2. I went to the update site which prompted me to install SP3, which I did. No problems so far, yet after the new service pack being deployed to the system windows update refused to install any further updates. It found, listed and downloaded them fine but every installation failed. Long story short, if you’re in this situation open up a command prompt. Click start, run, type in cmd and then click ok. In the command prompt type in regsvr32 %windir%system32wups2.dll and hit enter, this registers that dll. Go to the windows update site now, and you’ll have no problems.

If you have xp 64 the dll is located here: %windir%syswow64wups2.dll.

This was after I tried my earlier solution which you can find here.

Select boot type

Got a new desktop at work (a massive quad core !) and during the installation I was greeted by the following message.

Vista OS X

Kids, don’t try this at home. Errr let me rephrase that, don’t try this at work.

While on my lunch break browsing the Internet I found the site of Vista OS X . Cool ! The site states that it runs on all Vista 32 bit editions with SP1, just disable the UAC and you are good to go.

One install later, mayhem strikes. I didn’t take a screen shot of the end result but believe me it did not look like Leopard or any of the pictures on the site. Oh well, probably this Vista Business edition doesn’t have some necessary component so let’s just uninstall it again. Hmmm, strange the uninstall utility says it’s removed but the dialog box asking if I’d like to uninstall still stares me in the face. On to the control panel ! Hmm, that doesn’t load anymore. Ok, a more drastic option is required, to the restore utility ! Ohw, that doesn’t show up as well. Oops! Another way to get to the system restore options is via Accessories and System Tools, that did open up the screen. The install had stated that a restore point would automatically be created, but it hadn’t. Fortunately for me another program, that I installed earlier that day had, so I was able to reverse the changes.

Lessons learned: make a restore point before installing programs that have a big impact on your system. Some voice inside my head did warn me before I clicked the install button but I chose to ignore it. It’s nice to be reminded the hard way some times ;).

Windows update problem

For some reason, if you’ve studied informatics, people tend to believe you can fix their computers. I really don’t like cleaning up the mess other people create, since most of the time it’s a trivial task.Just read the error message or go to the all mighty google and you’ll be able to fix most problems.

However the latest problem I encountered was more of a challenge. After formatting the hard disk and installing a fresh copy of Windows XP I let it update itself, leading from one error to the next. So I turned off automatic updates, went to the update site myself, selected all the available updates, crash… Although some updates were installed successful some kept on crashing the windows update process. After trying several things the solution that worked in the end was to create two folders ( c:temp and c:wutemp) and clear all the contents of the folder SoftwareDistribution which is under the root directory of where you installed Windows. Note that for this last step you need to turn off the running Automatic Update service. To do this go to control panel, select computer management, select services, then select automatic updates and press the stop button. After you’ve deleted the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder you can turn this service on again.

So, no more Windows Update crashes, hurrah! The update process continued now peacefully, and the list kept getting smaller until there were 4 updates remaining. These last kept returning in the list of essential updates, even though every time I installed them it was reported as a successful update. I resolved this by turning on automatic updates again (which I wanted to do when no more updates where available),now Windows installed them when I turned off the system. Powered the machine back on, went to the windows update site and saw that there were no more essential updates. Victory!