Where does Outlook Express store email and contacts

At least three months have past since I had to rescue a PC in the family, a new record. One thing I keep forgetting is where, under Windows XP, Outlook Express stores its data. So I’m writing it down here for further reference.

Email messages can be found here: C:Documents and Settings(user name)Local SettingsApplication DataIdentities (under a sub folder there called Outlook Express). The files have a *.dbx extension.

The contact list can be found here: C:Documents and Settings(user name)Application DataMicrosoftAddress Book. The file has a *.wab extension, and it appears it’s prefixed with the user name.

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  1. And while you’re at it you can write down where outlook stores the database that does the autocomplete whel typing an e-mail adress in the adresee line…
    C:Documents and SettingsJoeriApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook The file is called “Outlook.NK2”

  2. Had to do this one time and took me an entire evening to find good info like this. Of course on a broken XP hard disk.


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