NDC Oslo 2017

I was very fortunate to be selected as one of the speakers for this year’s NDC conference. Together with my colleague and friend Hans we delivered our blockchain talk. It was based on the talk we gave at Cloudbrew in December although the structure and the code have undergone a lot of changes.

The idea of the talk hasn’t changed though. We dived straight into technology and explained how Bitcoin provides the security it needs to make sure transactions are safe. We then zoomed out and illustrated how blockchain technology can be used for much more than just the financial world and proved that with our own DApp or distributed application running on Ethereum.

The slides can be downloaded here and the sample code is up at GitHub. The app is still a work in progress. It might be unrelated but there’s currently a spike in Ethereum transactions :).

Today we received the scores of the talk. Of those that placed a card in the box: 60 were green, 23 were yellow and 5 were red. So overall 70% liked it. I do wonder what the yellow people wanted to see or what they didn’t like.

We tried to put in the 60 minutes all the things we would love to hear in a talk. There were a lot of questions during and after the session so I think we achieved what we set out to do and thats to inspire people to look at blockchain technology. It’s no silver bullet but might be a perfect fit for some projects.

CloudBrew: The blockchain and you

Last Saturday I presented at CloudBrew. In 2015 my talk focused on doing IoT in your own home. This year it was time for something completely different.

The past months I’ve been looking at blockchain technology and together with my colleague Hans we introduced the audience in this new world. Since it was a technical conference we explained how the basic principles are implemented and gave a demo of our own little distributed application.

You can get the slides here and the demo code is located in my GitHub account. Over the past months I plan to write down what I’ve learned so far and will also improve the sample application.