DevOps Pro – Multi tenant apps with Azure and Azure DevOps

The latest two talks I gave were at the DevOps Pro conferences in Moscow and Vilnius. Unlike most of my talks, shocking, this one was based on stuff that’s actually running in production and not just me trying out something new and sharing my experiences.

I’m never happy with how it went but perhaps that’s just me. The questions and feedback I get is almost always positive but I’m not sure if that’s just people being friendly or real feedback. Imposter syndrome anyone? Anyway, enough about the talks. Show me some content! The slides can be found here, although I don’t think they will help you much, most content is in the code and it turns out I can hardly show anything of it during a 45 minute talk.

The talk is divided in three parts:

  • Secure
    • Azure AD with Users, App Registrations, Application Roles etc.
    • KeyVault
    • Managed Identity
  • Isolation
    • Showing some approaches on how to architect solutions
  • Automation
    • Demo 1 is focused on a single app where tenants have their own data store but share the app service. I use Azure automation to update the application manifest in AD and deploy ARM templates
    • Demo 2 is the cool guy in town but never receives enough attention. I use the REST api of Azure DevOps to update a release definition, add a stage, configure some variables and deploy an entire new resource group.

I will create a few additional blogposts to illustrate how it works. Next week I’ll be at AzureDay so I can try it again.

6 Replies to “DevOps Pro – Multi tenant apps with Azure and Azure DevOps”

  1. Congrats for your keynote. I’m really interested in learning more. Have you any tutorial or code repository? Thank you.

    1. I had hoped to create a couple of posts by now, time constraints decided otherwise.

      Are you looking for anything in particular?

      1. Yes, on the section of the tenants. It’s the first time I try to implement a multitenant solutions. I’d like some clarity on the TenantContext, TenantContextFilter etc, in the startup fase.

        Thank you for your kind reply!

  2. Hello Benny,

    I would also be very interested in your sample code, because I’m currently starting with exactly what you’ve presented in your keynote “multi-tenants in one web app authenticated with azure ad”.


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