Entity Framework 4.1 Material

Gave a quick intro on what’s new in entity framework 4.1 to my co-workers. You can get the slides and the code.

If you want to get started documentation is at the moment a bit lacking, there is some info on MSDN but you’ll find more on the ADO.NET team blog, especially this 12 part article.

Yesterday the power tools for Entity Framework 4.1 were released, you can read all about them over here.

There are some features that didn’t make it into Entity Framework code first but that are available if you use one of the “older” approaches, Microsoft is quite open about it, which I think is very honest. You can read about those on the MSDN site as well.

There’s also some material that was available in the latest CTP material but didn’t ship in 1.0. Let’s hope they’ll come in the next release.

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