First drop of ChannelManagement available.

First drop available of the ChannelManagement library. Currently only support single action channels, meaning that after executing the operation the channel is closed. I hope to add pooling the coming week.

The zip contains the source code and an example project. Not much changes in the ‘end user’ code:

static void Main(string[] args)
	var myService = ContextRegistry.GetContext().GetObject("MyService") as IService1;
	string value = myService.GetData(5);
	var returnValue = myService.GetDataUsingDataContract(new CompositeType() 
														 BoolValue = false, 
														 StringValue = "Perponcher" });
		<resource uri="config://spring/objects" />
	<objects xmlns="">
		<object id="MyService" type="WCFChannelManager.ChannelManagerFactoryObject, Perponcher.WCFChannelManager">
			<property name="ChannelType" expression="T(Server.IService1, Common)"/>
			<property name="EndpointConfigurationName" value="MyEndpoint"/>
		<endpoint name="MyEndpoint" address="http://localhost:8731/Design_Time_Addresses/Server/Service1/"
			contract="Server.IService1" binding ="wsHttpBinding"/>

Out and ref parameters are not yet supported. (1.17 mb)


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