Presentation: Introduction to Spring.Net

Last Thursday my boss and I gave a presentation on Spring.Net and dependency management in general. The audience mainly, if not only, consisted of students in their 2nd or 3rd year so they probably wondered what all the fuzz was about. I just hope that they will remember the concepts we introduced to them and understand that there’s more to software development than the typical three tier applications you develop in school.

If you were in the audience and have questions on the topic or presentation, feel free to contact me at: me[at]bennymichielsen[dot]be .

The first few slides are based on and contain images from a presentation by Bob Martin and is available on InfoQ. The sample which introduces AOP and has an implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged is based on a sample you find in the Examples directory when you install Spring.Net.

Keynote Presentation:

Introduction.key (730.08 kb)

PDF Version:

Introduction.pdf (1.37 mb)

Samples: (2.65 mb)

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