Updated to BlogEngine 1.4.5

A new BE version, means sql scripting time for MS SQL 2000 users. For a full upgrade guide you should go to Al Nyveldt’s blog.

If you are creating a new blog or are upgrading from 1.3.x, just use the correct script for you.

MSSQL2000_Setup1.4.5.0.sql (24.91 kb)

MSSQL2000_UpgradeTo1.4.5.0From1.3.x.sql (10.07 kb)

If you are currently using 1.4.0 there’s some more work you’ll need to do. In this new version the column ‘Settings’ in the table ‘DataStoreSettings’ has changed from binary datatype to varchar, the corresponding change on MS SQL 2000 means moving from the image datatype to ntext. This is not possible / allowed by the server. The easiest thing you can do is to take note of your settings under the extensions tab in the administration control panel and delete all rows from the table ‘DataStoreSettings’. Every extension will populate the table again with data the first time they get loaded with the new BE version, you can then configure the extensions again with the settings you want. It’s quite possible that you are still using the default settings of your extensions, like me, then you don’t need to worry about the old settings, just clear the table of its entries.

If you’ve used the script from my earlier post, when I upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4, there was one insert statement missing from the script. The insert statement added the widget bar with its default configuration. Since it was missing then and we are deleting all entries from the ‘DataStoreSettings’ I’ve included the insert statement, the default script that ships with BE 1.4.5 has an update statement in place for that entry in the DB.

MSSQL2000_UpgradeTo1.4.5.0From1.4.0.0.sql (3.20 kb)

Finally, if you are running SQL Membership and Role provider and are upgrading from an earlier version don’t forget to check the applicationName of the providers, in 1.4 this changed from BlogEngine.Net to BlogEngine. What you need to change is described in my earlier post.

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  1. Thanks for providing this very helpful script for those of us stuck on SQL 2000. Everything works well except for the users tab. When I try to add new users, I get errors and it seems to be trying to go back to the XML files rather than using SQL server. The error says: Access to the path ‘D:…blogApp_Datausers.xml’ is denied

    Have you encountered this?

  2. You need to configure your user and role provider, take a look at your Web.config. You’ll see a node called membership and one called roleManager.

    Out of the box you can use XmlMembershipProvider or XmlRoleProvider which used your App_Date to store its data. Since you are using a db as backing store you can use the DbMembershipProvider and DbRoleProvider or the SqlMembershipProvider and SqlRoleProvider.

    For these last two you need to set up the Asp.Net db schema.

    Hope this helps.

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