Updated to BlogEngine 1.4

Yesterday a new version of BlogEngine was released, grab it here. For instructions on how to upgrade you should visit this site and since I’m not running under the default settings there was some extra work to do.

My host still runs MS SQL 2000 and the default BE script is for MS SQL 2005. I’ve edited both the upgrade and full install script so they run on the older version, you can download them here.

MSSQL 2000 Setup1.4.0.0.sql (22.15 kb)

MSSQL 2000 Upgrade1.4.0.0.sql (7.18 kb)

Also if you are running SQL Membership and SQL Role Provider don’t forget to change the default provider in your web.config to SQLMembershipProvider and SQLRoleProvider respectively, you should also change the applicationName in these providers to BlogEngine.NET. For some reason the developers changed this, which will lead to problems.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the new name BlogEngine instead of the old BlogEngine.NET you should edit the row in the aspnet_Applications table where the application name is BlogEngine.NET. Change the value of the ApplicationName to BlogEngine and the LoweredApplicationName to blogengine.

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  1. I’m having a little trouble getting 1.4 to work with an existing web application which is already using the aspnet membership provider.

    I’ve changed the applicationName keys to match those in the Application table. BE seems to let me log in, and the WSAT shows all my users and roles, but BE is not picking up the roles properly. I changed…

    …key because the default value was “AdminsistratorS” with an S… I assume this has to match the name of the role from aspnet_roles that I wish to use as the admin? Or am I wrong here.

    Any help MUCH appreciated.


  2. -Application names must match (values in DB and web.config), seems you’ve done this
    -The default provider needs to be set

    I’m not sure why you need to put in that key value pair you’ve added in your comment. If everything looks like it should be, try to force a reload of your web application.

    If you need more help contact me via mail.

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